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Tainionvirta, Southern Finland Salmon River

Fishing regulations for the river Tainionvirta
Make sure that you carry your valid licences (sports fishing licence and national fishing management fee for fishers between 18 and 64 years of age) with you whenever you start fishing. Fishing is allowed in marked sports fishing areas only. The boundaries of the areas are marked with signposts in the terrain. The catch quota is three salmon/24 hrs. Avoid fishing for the fingerlings. Remember the minimum size limits. Present your licences on request to the fishing authorities. Remember that fishing is strictly controlled and a violation may result in the loss of fishing privileges. Do not disturb the local residents. It is strictly prohibited to enter any court- or farmyards, inhabited shores or cultivated fields. Use a boat, it makes moving around and fishing easier. If you move about without a boat, use marked car parks and routes to get to the sports fishing areas. Change your location. Give space to other fishermen, too. Protect nature, do not litter. Do not damage any growing trees. Light campfires only at places designated for this purpose and leave firewood also for others.


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Sports fishing licences are sold at Gasthaus-Camping Koskenniemi 

Minimum sizes:
Grayling: 35 cm
Freshwater salmon: 60 cm
Brown trout: 50 cm
Rainbow trout: no limit
Pike perch: 37 cm
Fishing is prohibited September 1 – November 30.